World-renowned industry analyst and market researcher provides trial commentary and reports.
Marketing Experts

Our award-winning team has helped design dozens of online, marketing, and advertising campaigns.

Consulting Analysts

Fortune 500 businesses and brands turn to our research and input when crafting business and pricing strategies.

Promotions Pros

We're proud to have generated over 1 billion impressions for our partners via print, radio, online, and TV worldwide.

Branding Expert Witnesses and Marketing Leaders

We've worked with hundreds of household brands to provide consulting, research, and testing.

Fortune 500 Advertising and Branding Leader

Hailed as one of America's leading futurists and a top trendsetter to follow, Scott Steinberg and the team at FutureProof Strategies have helped dozens of leading brands cut through the noise to connect with customers.

Market leaders in every space look to us to help craft marketing campaigns that excite and engage.
Expert witness reports, testimony, and market research on-demand.

Industry insights from today's top marketing thought leaders.

Discover why Fortune 500 leaders in every space from retail to healthcare, technology and consumer products partner with us to identify today's hottest trends, and how to craft winning advertising, marketing, and promotions programs around them.

Testifying expert witnesses are available to provide trial support and testimony. Need custom research and exhibits, or a consulting expert to weigh in? Don't hesitate to reach out today!

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Branding Experts

Connect with our branding expert witnesses to learn more about best practices in advertising, marketing, PR.


Market Researchers

Commission custom market research reports and business intelligence solutions that fit your budget and needs.


Content Marketing

Hire our creative services team to provide videos, articles, podcasts, custom publishing solutions and more.


Litigation Support

Book our consulting experts to assist with legal matters from contract disputes to issues with trademark infringement.

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